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27th German-Concertina-Meeting 2018


4. bis 6. May 2018

( extended 3. – 7.5. )


2017@ Seminarhof Drawehn withAdrian Brown, Claus Kessler and others


The 26th meeting is over, the 27th in preparation.

Please reserve the date!

If you are new and interested, please register for our mailing-list…






26. German-Concertina-Meeting 2017


28th April to 1st May

( extended: 27th. April. to 2. May )


2016@Seminarhof Drawehn with Tim Collins, Dave Townsend and others


For the 26th time we will celebrate the German Concertina Meeting in 2017 –for the fourth time 

at the seminar-center “Seminarhof Drawehn”. By now the meeting could well be

called “European Concertina Meeting”, as over the years we had visitors from

Czech Republic, France, Holland, Belgium, Scottland, England, Denmark and Sweden


Welcome are all players ( beginner to advanced ) of all concertina systems

( English, Anglo, Duet, Anglo-German, Deutsch ) with any style of music!

With a bit of luck there will be music available for download

before the event…





Core-time 28th April to 1st of Mai

Friday afternoon until Monday after tea


Due to a holiday on Monday, we will have an extra day!!


Everybody is welcome to come Thursday evening ( 27th April ) and stay on until Tuesday ( 2nd May )…


There will be a special concert with the teachers at our local folk-club on Sunday evening





Seminarhof Drawehn ( Wendland ) Link





Over 24 workshop-units ( up to 8 per person possible!),

concertina-concert, sessions, open exchange, concertina-clinic,

concertina-flea-market ( bring’em all! )





Claus Kessler ( Irish Anglo )



Claus has been one of the co-founders of the meeting. By now he is well-known

both as cleidh-band-musician with “Swaree” and anglo-teacher.

He will look after the Irish-anglo-players



Adrian Brown ( England ): Anglo for non-Irish-players



Adrian looks after those Anglo players, who do not want to play

( only ;-) Irish music. His speciality is English folk-music,

Morris and classical anglo-concertina

Together with his wife Susanna he roves the world as „Dapper’s Delight”


Adrian on youtube

Hier mal lustig...



Rainer Süßmilch: All that Jazz


Unfortunately Rainer is unable to come because of a theatre-engagement

But he prepared a learning-unit für us…




Nils Meyn: ( Engish Concertina and Ensemble )



Nils is another regular at the meeting. He plays English-system – alone or with his band Antuaid.

He will look after ES beginners and intermediate and invite to experiment

with group arrangements…



Rainer Schwarz: Anglo beginners and „Deutsche Konzertina“ ( 2 row )



Rainer in one of our regulars and mainly looks after those players,who spell their

instruments with a “K”. With his group “HansDans” he plays music from the “waterkant”!




Jürgen Suttner: Concertina Klinik




As one of the founders of the meeting Jürgen will be back to look

after poor concertinas in need of some loving care;-)

For the last 25 years Jürgen has supplied great

new instruments to Germany and the rest of the world! 




How much?


Workshop-Fee 100 Euro


The costs of full board are:

150 Euro in double or tripple-room

120 Euro external / tent / camper-van etc.

 210 Euro single-room

 extra night from Thursday incl. meals 40€ / 30€ / 50€

 extra night until Tuesday incl. Dinner & brunch 40€ / 30€ / 50€


Single-rooms can only be secured two weeks before the weekend,

so that nobody else might have to stay home ( limited rooms! )

Bring your own bedware and towels ( or rent for 5€ / 1€ )


Please pay cash at arrival ( no cards! ), no deposit necessary.


We can help with transportation to pick you up at Schnega station

( preferably at 17.22! )




Please book by mail stating preferred accomodation,

your concertina system, your playing experience

and your favourite music…


Robert Pich, Proitzer Mühle, 29465 Schnega


Please pay cash on location ( no cards accepted! )




Same procedure as last year? Same procedure as every year!



2015@Seminarhof Drawehn

with Mary Macnamara and others


2014@Seminarhof Drawehn

u.a. mit Edel Fox und Rainer Süßmilch



with Edel Fox and Simon Thoumire



with Mary Macnamara and Dave Townsend



with Alistair Anderson and Mary Macnamara


2010@Proitzer Mühle

with Juliette Daum and Rainer Süßmilch


Mario & Jürgen 2008 in Bielefeld


Mario Kliemann took the initiative for the first German-Concertina-Meeting in

Bielefeld. Together with Jürgen Leo and Jürgen Suttner I had been one of the co-founders

of the meeting and after Mario’s sudden death in 2008 I took over the responsibility 2009.




Keep squeeezing!!!